Playlist of the Day: Sex

Posted on Jun 12 2011 - 10:29am by Jessica

A good post:

Brigitte Bardot was so unbearably sexy. I can't even stand it. I have officially determined that it is impossible for me to determine what my sexuality is. I even hate the term pansexual. It's so rare these days that I like a person enough to actually be  with them and fuck them, so to ultimately define who or what I like and say yes, this is definite is so hard for me. It's really quite rare that I feel comfortable enough to officially go there, do the relationship thing. And it's never based on sex or parts. I don't like a certain sex. I like people. Certain people. Only certain people. People who I respect. Who respect me back. Who aren't assholes. You know. People. I'm very sexual, but I don't act on it unless I like the person. And I don't feel like labeling that at all. I think we all love all kinds of people, men and women alike. So. You know. Fuck that, fuck me, fuck together. All that's beautiful. Anna and I got all ghetto fab last night and went to a Missy Elliot themed party. Then I went out around to places today. I wore about three different outfits today. I'm actually ricockulously excited to move into the apartment. I just need to work on getting you to come with me. My obsession with bruises is growing so quickly. I have also officially decided that my new dream in life is to become an epic Casio keyboard playing prodigy. Who is also a paralegal on the side. ......

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Playlist of the Day: Sex

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