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dinsdag 14 juni 2011 Street view Amsterdam These are some old and recent photos I haven’t showed to you yet. Some “street views” in lovely cities/villages. They’re made with my Diana F+.I had some troubles with my camera… The sides of photos are always overlapping for example, sometimes it’s quite annoying! I’m thinking about buying an other analog camera with more users comfort. But I still want to be able to take two photos at the time, I mean overlay my photos (double layer).Do you know an analog camera that can do that? :)I’m a real loser in technical stuff so don’t use smart words please 🙂 AntwerpHet Modepaleis: Dries Van Noten’s shop Berlingraffiti Damme, Brugesa scary house LilleBrigitte Bardot poster Geplaatst door Fauve About me I’m a belgian dreamer. I spend my days philosophating about art, fashion, photography, literature and life. I’m trying to spark your imagination with this blog. Feel free to ask me any questions. Much love Mijn volledige profiel weergeven Volgers Labels Blogarchief Zoeken in deze blog Wordt geladen… Hypeed Sjabloon Simple. Mogelijk gemaakt door Blogger .


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Street view

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