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The escort scandal (when it was too minor) becomes a .... princess.ZAHIA, the escort of the Affaire - Ribery becomes Brigitte Bardot.
It seems a fairy tale style 'Pretty Woman'. Only it does not go up on stage in the role of the firefly Julia Roberts Vivian Ward (of which falls nientemenoché Richard Gere in his prime), but the blonde Zahia Dehar in the shoes of ... itself. Zahia Dehar cinema ...What do you think?
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Just to give a brief summary to the less careful, this is the famous prostitute turn into a judicial inquiry into the French players Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema.
We do not know what the former thinks blonde icon whose beauty was immortalized by Bunuel, Godard and Vadim, among others ... In any case, the escort girl of almost 19 years, Zahia, displays a natural photogenic taking a break for American V fashion magazine, reproduced on the cover of the Spanish edition.
Past ...

This says that a prestigious fashion magazine and the American tendency, V, has even dedicated a cover in view of New York Fashion Week.
Moreover, the girl was photographed in poses that make to the greatest Brigitte Bardot. The launch pad has been prepared. Zahia still hear a lot about ...

Photograph: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

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