Brigitte Bardot to save the dog Jules

labrador jules brigitte bardotThe appeal of Brigitte Bardot to save the dog Jules!

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is trying to keep a dog sentenced to death after a child accidentally being bitten, July 19, 2013, in camping Ramatuelle.

You do not kill the murderers of children so why pay for this dog that is not even responsible for his actions? ... It would be despicable, "argues Brigitte Bardot.

The accident occurred while the animal was lying and attached. The child (obviously unattended) would have stepped on it, causing a defensive reaction to unfortunate consequences. On the site of Nice-Matin, the father acknowledged hitting the animal (to the point of fracture in the wrist), but the child's parents and grandfather (pet owner) refuses to entrust dog association and require the euthanasia.
The Brigitte Bardot Foundation met with the father and grandfather of the child appear to be relatively comprehensive, but nothing happens.
The mother wants the animal to be killed, and she strongly opposes this it is given to the FBB or other shelters (she made a deal in principle, the dog bit his son, he must die). Jules was observed Tuesday, July 23, by a veterinary behaviorist.
Jules will be under veterinary supervision for 15 days. A first victory for the owner of the animal is already back to Belgium.
The Brigitte Bardot Foundation still offers support Jules during the prescribed period or to support its investment in another approved organization. Calling BB seems to have been heard ( should however, be careful and do not declare victory too soon) and enjoyed the stay Jules could save his life!
Suorce ( in French )

Parents said:

The Golden Retriever is one of the sweetest breeds. I do not know exactly what the little did, but Jules was hanging from a tree in the heat, in an environment that was unfamiliar. His reaction can only be related to fear and not a killing spree ... Where there is currently impounded Ramatuelle even municipal police would have fallen in love with him. We have two shelters that are like heaven on earth. Tomorrow is St. Brigid's. I'd like to see a sign for a miracle to happen and Jules, who was raised by these people as a child of the family, including finish his days peacefully.

jules brigitte bardot save adopt labrador

Jules, the pound Ramatuelle July 21, Photo DM / Nice Matin


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