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STYLE ICONS Vol 3 Bombshells: Bombshells (Fashion Industry Broadcast) (Volume 3)


STYLE ICONS Vol 3 Bombshells: Bombshells (Fashion Industry Broadcast) (Volume 3)

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FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST STYLE ICONS Vol 3 Bombshells The most incandescent example of Bombshells is Marilyn Monroe. Her strange combination of ghostly pale skin, childlike face and innate erotic cunning render her hard to date. Unlike modern actresses we can’t sense the stylist in her clothes, the heavy hand of a makeup artist or a photographer’s over bearing concept. Clearly and hauntingly, her image belongs to her and it is equal parts spectral nymph, mid century beach bunny, haughty heiress and child star. With an hourglass body and a face like Shirley Temple the oddity of Monroe is her wholesomeness. She could sell diamonds or milk. She looked naked in a white cotton dress and perfectly dignified in the nude. She loved her clothes. Some say she sawed off one stiletto shoe heel a fraction lower to deepen the sway of her hips. Clearly she wasn’t happy, and this just serves to deepen the myth and her lure. Her own words, “Being a sex symbol is heavy load” could speak for all of the women who traded infamy for scandal and some scrap of security. Bettie Page, the underground queen of silk stockings, light bondageand leopard skin bikinis claimed very practical reasons for being a pin-up model, preferring the work to “pounding a typewriter eight hours a day”. They were a breed that we have not seen the like of again. Bombshells. Marilyn Monroe Brigitte Bardot Raquel Welch Sophia Loren Bettie Page Mata Hari Audrey Hepburn Jane Russell Fashion Industry Broadcast’s “STYLE ICONS” is a series: Style Icons – Vol 1 Golden Boys Style Icons – Vol 2 Hunks Style Icons – Vol 3 Bombshells Style Icons – Vol 4 Sirens Style Icons – Vol 5 Idols Style Icons– Vol 6 Young Guns Style Icons – Vol 7 Kittens Style Icons – Vol 8 Babes Fashion Industry Broadcast is the number one destination on the web for the latest in fashion, style, creative arts, creative media, models, celebrity biographies and much more. Our site is available globally in 13 languages and is updated daily. Not a minute goes by without our passionate team scouring the globe for the latest breaking news and insider gossip. Fashion Industry Broadcast publishes on a vast array of media platforms art books, eBooks, apps for mobiles and television documentaries. We cover all the key areas of popular culture, style and media arts. Our products are sold globally in over 100 countries through our partnerships with people like Amazon, Apple, Google and many more. You can purchase all of our products directly from the FIB site, please have a browse. www.fashionindustrybroadcast.com A very special video rich multimedia App version with hundreds of original Hollywood movies, interviews, Movie scenes, auditions, is available through Apple’s iTunes App store for just $4.99 per edition. Look for “STYLE ICONS” on the Apple App store. Contact [email protected] Art Direction Paul G Roberts Design Yvonne HU Video Link Editing Alice Hoffman Ross Project Management Pip Dalton



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