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Brigitte Bardot Gallery

You maybe have landed here after searching/clicked on an old link, not in use anymore. I suggest you visit my Brigitte Bardot Gallery page. You will find a lot of pictures and also the one you searched for.

Photo Gallery with the best of Brigitte Bardots Photographers photos and pictures. Brigitte Bardot photo by two most famous paparazzi photographers.

Brigitte Bardot Photographer

In Brigitte Bardot Gallery you will found some of the greatest photos ever. Below you find some of the professional photographers!

In Brigitte Bardot‘s early career, professional photographer Sam Lévin’s photos contributed to her image of sensuality.
British photographer Cornel Lucas made iconic images of Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s and 1960s that have become representative of her public persona.
Also, photographer, Terry O’Neill recalls one of his most iconic images, a tousled portrait of Brigitte Bardot

Two most famous paparazzi photographers, Tazio Secchiaroli

(1925-1998) – the basis for Fellini’s character, Paparazzo in the seminal film, La Dolce Vita, 1960 – and Marcello Geppetti. It also presents vintage works by a range of other photographers including Roger CorbeauLoomis Dean, Walter Limot, David Magnus, Patrick Morin and Claude Schwartz.

Marcello Geppetti‘s images of Brigitte Bardot in Spoleto, are paparazzi images of a star playing the role of a star being hounded by paparazzi. There is nonetheless an innocence and sense of collusion in the images.

Le Mepris: The Photographs of Tazio Secchiaroli.

As a result, in these images, content rules over form. Little attention is paid to framing or composition, the main focus being on capturing the target. These images mark the end of an era and usher in the type of paparazzi image we are more familiar with today.


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