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Nicolas-Jacques Charrier

Nicolas-Jacques Charrier

Brigitte Bardot’s son Nicolas

Brigitte’s painful relationship with her son Nicolas-Jacques Charrier was appeased.

On January 11, 1960, Brigitte Bardot gave birth to Nicolas-Jacques Charrier. Brigitte Bardot’s son and only child, born from her relationship with the actor Jacques Charrier, this child were desired only by his father:

“I did not want to give birth to an additional human being. I think there are too many on Earth. And they scare me”
Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot’s maternity 


Brigitte Bardot Nicolas-Jaques Charrier

Brigitte Bardot never had the maternal instinct: “I believe today that it can be learned. But at the time, it was a pain, she says. I did not feel it, and I did not understand why, while I had it with animals.

I got picked up for daring to admit it. This painful maternity with Nicolas-Jacques. Brigitte Bardot had already mentioned it extensively in her book, Initialed BB, released in 1996.

At the time, the words used to describe her pregnancy were very hard:

“It was like a tumor that had nourished me, that I had carried in my swollen flesh, thinking only the blessed moment in which we would finally rid it”

The nightmare having reached its climax, I had to live for life the object of my misfortune. “This sinister day, Brigitte Bardot gave birth, without painkillers, in a clinic of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The pain was intense:

“Animal wounded to death, I screamed without restraint”

She wrote in Initialed BB When she was introduced to her child, she rejected it:

“I drive crazy, I did not want to see it anymore.”

She said to the midwives.

Brigitte Bardot and Nicolas-Jacques Charrier reunions in court

  • When Brigitte Bardot divorced Jacques Cherrier in 1963, she did not have custody of her son. She also did not want to see him grow up afterward.
  • Either do Nicolas: On September 27, 1984, he married the Norwegian supermodel Anne-Line Bjerkan.
  • Nicolas did not invite his mother.
  • It was not until 1996 that their paths crossed again … in court. Shocked by Brigitte Bardot’s book Initials B.B., Jacques Cherrier and her son Nicolas Charrier had complained: the first for a violation of privacy, the second for infringement intrauterine intimacy.

Brigitte Bardot had been sentenced to pay 150,000 francs to her ex-husband Jacques and 100,000 francs to her son, Nicholas.

Over the years, the actress has always maintained her position:

“I had a son who did not provoke in me a terrible development of the maternal fiber – it’s not my fault …”, she confided for example to Nice- Morning in 2014.

Grandmother Brigitte Bardot

Far from her son Nicolas-Jacques Charrier, who now lives in Norway with his daughters, Anna-Camilla and Thea-Josephine.

I’m not a good grandmother”

They live in Norway with their father, they do not speak French, and we have no opportunity to see each other.

Why cheat?

She declared in 2009. I always said what I thought and thought what I said.

  • I never believed in blood ties. Since then, Brigitte Bardot has finally changed her mind. The appeasement, finally. Fifty-seven years after the birth of her son Nicolas, Brigitte Bardot finally got back to him.

“During Nicolas’s childhood, our relationship was painful. For him as for me”

  • And then things have calmed down, she says today in. We call ourselves regularly.
  • Living in Norway, he visits me once a year, in La Madrague, France alone or with his family, his wife, my granddaughters and even my great-granddaughter.
  • Brigitte Bardot finds that her “son is great,” even though she maintains that she does not have much in common with him.

“I love him in a special way. He does not look like me. Physically, he inherited a lot from his father”

  • His mimicry, his gestures, his way of speaking are very Jacques Charrier.
  • Differences that do not happily prevent him (or rather, more) from enjoying his company.

In an interview with Le Monde published on 19 January, Brigitte Bardot also praises her son:

  • Nicolas-Jacques Charrier is now 57 years old, and he is wonderful.
  • He forged himself a life in Norway, and he succeeded.
  • He loves children, cares a lot about his family, and me too at the same time, she says.
  • I even feel like my son’s daughter, when I’m a great-grandmother! But at the time, how do you say, I did not know how to do it.

I was afraid of babies. Sometimes you just have to give time to the weather. 

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