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Brigitte Bardot, thoughts about Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Bardot and emmanuel macron

Brigitte Bardot Article

Brigitte Bardot, thoughts about Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron

In the full crisis of “yellow vests,” a movement that Brigitte Bardot ardently supports and what she thought of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.
Brigitte Bardot, 84, is more than ever a good media client. As a result, journalists like to question the actress who supported Marine Le Pen in the last presidential elections.
This is what the Parisian, in full crisis of yellow vests, a movement, that Brigitte Bardot 100% supports:

“I am with them”

Macron did not grant the scheduled tax cut in January. On one side you have Ministers with chauffeurs, on the other hand, people who have three francs six sous to finish the month.

I will end up becoming a communist … No, not (smile) but Macron kills little people. It hurts my heart. I wish him … good jaundice. “An Emmanuel Macron whom she thinks is cut off from the people:
“He behaves like a master without empathy, extremely distant, superior, with a royal side.

But only fools do not change their minds. – Why not give a Christmas bonus to yellow vests so they can buy gifts for their kids?
He wanted to know our urgent needs. The result did not measure up. As soon as we had our back turned, he gave scandalous benefits to the hunters.
-We had to see each other again in December, but he postponed the meeting indefinitely.
What I am asking for is the lowering of VAT on veterinary drugs from 20% to 5.5%. The care for all those people without money who have animals is too expensive. “

However, Brigitte Bardot does not remain indifferent to the charming boy side of the president:
“Macron has charm, he could have been an actor this guy, he has a nice physique, he is extraordinarily attractive.”

As for Brigitte Macron, who received Brigitte Bardot last July, she had made a good impression during their first meeting:
“She arrived in the middle of our meeting with their dog and I found her quite charming”
They have a lot of pace both. “But BB remains BB and after these sweet compliments, emerges an ultimate projection to the address of the presidential couple:” It’s very pretty their story. But I prefer two mochetés that give The government does nothing (it spells):


Brigitte Bardot Joins Anti-Macron Protest Movement

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