Amy Winehouse dead

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 3:35pm by Jessica

Amy Winehouse dead - Amy Winehouse had no drugs in the body

No one knows why Amy Winehouse died.

It certainly was not an overdose, showing test results.

The whole world of glossy mourns and mourns the death of the soul diva Amy Winehouse, who left us on Saturday July 23 2011.
The first to confirm the report were the Universal, the label of the artist, pointing to a possible drug overdose, as reported by the BBC 'Sky News'.

This Article have nothing to do with Brigitte Bardot.

Tests have shown that Amy Winehouse had no drugs in the body when she died.

However, there was alcohol in the body.

Winehouse family notified the press about the results. Investigation into the cause of death continues.

The family has repeatedly talked about how Amy Winehouse survived even weeks before his sudden death. It has started rumors that Amy's body could not handle that so sudden shift from abuse. If the alcohol may have played a role is still uncertain.
Then we learned that the deceased, aged 27, She still had vital signs when health workers arrived at her home in Camden, north London. But doctors could do nothing to save her life.

Pending data revealing the autopsy, suicide or murder were dropped because there was no evidence in the apartment. However, the word about a possible overdose increasingly listened harder.

The strange thing is that just 24 hours before her death, Amy Winehouse received a visit from his doctor, who examined her and found that their health was good. Amy was undergoing regular medical visits that were used to assess your condition and help recover from their excesses with alcohol and drugs.

And finally came the long-awaited autopsy, but inexplicably did not allow the researchers to establish the exact cause of death, being waiting for a new toxicology tests.

Three days after his death, former boyfriend of British artist, Reg Traviss, first spoke about the painful loss that this death meant:

"We suffered a terrible loss, it's been three days of hell. I can not describe it I'm going through. ""She was a beautiful, bright and my dear love"

He added at the same time declaring that what happened was "an accident" and that "had a lot of clothes on the bed to go to the wedding of some friends, even I did not know which one to choose "as well as insisting that" in the last season has been full of life and very optimistic. I exercised every day and yoga. "

And the time came to say their last goodbye to Amy Winehouse. But still know the reason for her death, about 150 people, faces bleak, witnessed the burial of the diva.


Much speculation about the cause of the death of Amy Winehouse. The autopsy results are inconclusive, and while many argue the abuse of alcohol and drug as the main cause, the family aims more at a possible shock of having cut all consumption of alcohol during the past three weeks.

Anyway, the family is immersed in deep sorrow, and to fight, now the singer's father has decided to give her daughter's clothes to all the fans who crowded in front of his home in Camden, insisting it was the that she would have wanted.

This is because its followers have been alert at all times. So much so that before being buried, thousands of them came to the vicinity of her house to leave flowers, candles, stuffed animals and even snuff packages and bottles of alcohol.

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