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Brigitte Bardot – A new brand of ready-to-wear will be presented shortly!

Brigitte Bardot Article

Brigitte Bardot – A new brand of ready-to-wear will be presented shortly!

BRIGITTE BARDOT lends her name to new ready-to-wear brand!

A new brand of ready-to-wear will appear in September. And it is already talking about her because she chose to bear the name of the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot.
Brigitte Bardot was the greatest sex symbol of the French 60 years. Icon of fashion, glamour and of course the cinema, one that has been called BB is a legend of beauty. Therefore the figure of Brigitte Bardot in his youth has often been a source of inspiration. And Lancel has called one of his bags, the BB . But no brand had yet fully funded so far on this mythical name. It’s done! A new brand of ready-to-wear will be presented shortly as the Brigitte Bardot .

At the next show Who’s Next September 2011, the brand presents itself Brigitte Bardot and will launch his first collection scheduled for spring / summer 2012. Who launches this brand? We do not know yet as the instigators of the project wish to remain anonymous until the launch of the brand. The first brand advertising campaign will directly launch.An initial advertising campaign is about to start at the same time in order to let audience know about the launch. All of it was entrusted to the Press Office in Paris Dresscode already involved among other things, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, American Vintage, and New Look.

With a name like that, you can imagine very well the style of the creations: glamorous, Mediterranean, and can be a little biker.The worldwide recognition of her name also gives the brand a strong international appeal. Be patient!

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