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Baby Boomer Riot

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Baby Boomer Riot

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Baby Boomer Riot Posted on June 3rd, 2011 in 1960s , Movies , Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg 1963. An art theater. A French movie. Code words for a glimpse of bare breast or maybe more. A newspaper review hinted at maybe more. The attraction: Last Year at Marienbad . Not your typical pop culture date movie. The early evening house was packed with baby boomer college students fresh from an afternoon of imbibing at fraternity rush parties. The mostly male audience was well behaved for about five minutes. The movie featured offbeat camera angles, illogical sequences, enigmatic scenes, impossible-to-follow plots, plus obscure dialogue exacerbated by English subtitles. The public unrest began with scattered rude sounds, quickly escalating into mass catcalls and booing. It ended when someone tossed a Coke bottle that ripped the screen. Patrons stormed the box office for refunds. Police were dispatched. The next day the movie riot was noted in the local newspaper , which chastised both the students and French cinema. Trivia Factoid To this day, critics are divided over the movie. Some call it a masterpiece of French surrealism. Micheal Medved regards the film as pretentious and incomprehensible, placing it on his 50 Worst Movies of All Time . Last Year at Marienbad received an Academy Award nomination for Original Screenplay Writing. Baby Boomer Trivia Questions

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Baby Boomer Riot

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