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Brigitte Bardot | News Craigslist

Brigitte Bardot News

Brigitte Bardot | News Craigslist

A good post from BLOGSPOT:

15 May/11 advertisement Brigitte Bardot (76), former film star, can not understand the suicide of her ex-husband Gunter Sachs. “I see this act is not that no one had expected from someone like him, “the 76-year-old. The news of his death had “destroyed literally. “Gunter -. this is a wonderful part of my life since our separation, he has never ceased to provide proof of his kindness and generosity, ” said Bardot. Posts Related to Brigitte Bardot Bin Laden s dead Eye for eye, tooth for tooth Osama Bin Laden’s death is a victory for America and President Obama. His end nourishes the hope of a better world. The West and particularly … All My Children: Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Hamburg-controversy Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy – the vampire slayer is one of the most popular characters in television history, could soon appear with wrestling regularly … A life for the dance: A Doodle 117. birthday of Martha Graham Google pays tribute to the life of the choreographer and dancer Martha Graham with a doodle and lets dance the letters of his logos. Graham … Facebook is testing its new system for targeted advertising A new system of targeted advertising, displayed on member profiles, is currently in experimental phase on Facebook. Facebook takes into account the keywords included in … YouTube Sensation Russian teen film Alien wrong An alien in the taiga: Half buried in the snow, lifeless, to ET reminding – that’s two teenagers from Siberia, a supposedly alien creatures. On …

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Brigitte Bardot | News Craigslist

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