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Brigitte Bardot writes to Montreal mayor to complain about animal cruelty

Brigitte Bardot News

Brigitte Bardot writes to Montreal mayor to complain about animal cruelty


MONTREAL – Brigitte Bardot has written a letter to the mayor of Montreal condemning the cruelty that animals endured recently at a local pound. In a letter published on her website Friday, the 76-year-old actress says viewing a recent Radio-Canada report about the Berger Blanc pound was “more than I could bear.” Video of cats and dogs suffering as well as images of questionable euthanasia practices prompted criticism from the city and the province. Bardot says employees who can be seen hurting the animals should be judged for acts of cruelty and ”sadism that evokes Nazism.” “Despite the massacre of seals, veritable animal genocide and shame of humanity,” Quebec is civilized country (sic),” Bardot’s letter said. “So why does it behave like a barbaric, primordial country (sic) towards animals.” Bardot is urging Mayor Gerald Tremblay to terminate the contract with Berger Blanc, a privately held company that has animal-control contracts in several Montreal boroughs and surrounding towns. The mayor responded Friday by saying he has already taken several measures, including making sure a city employee is present when an animal is euthanized. “It’s quite agreeable to receive a letter from Brigitte Bardot,” Tremblay said. “But I have to say we didn’t wait to hear from her before taking action.” Tremblay’s office added that it was up to Montreal’s individual boroughs to sever their ties Berger Blanc. Two have already done so in light of the revelations. The Berger Blanc posted a response to the Radio Canada report on its website on Friday. “The reporting for the ‘Enquete’ episode was done January 29, 2011, almost three months ago,” reads a note signed by the company’s management. “The situation has since been rectified by our veterinary team.” The note adds that an employee was suspended pending an internal investigation and subsequently fired.

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Brigitte Bardot writes to Montreal mayor to complain about animal cruelty

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