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Burda Style June 2011

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Burda Style June 2011

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011 Burda Style June 2011 I was very excited when I saw the front cover of June’s Burda Style as I love that pink dress! The gathered neckline is really pretty and it has a very flattering shape. When I opened it, it didn’t disappoint! There are so many lovely things in it this month!My absolute favourite has to be this halter neck pattern from the Brigitte Bardot range.Argh is not not adorable?! I have made a similar halter dress in the past for my sister, but I just love the shape, the neckline, the pleats in the skirt, the fabric….I could go on! The whole Bardot section of this mag is perfect for me and I’m sure a lot of vintage lovers out there!How cute is this little bikini/underwear set? They have styled it as a bikini but I think it depends on the fabric choice. I love the ruffles and the modest pants. My last picture from this section, these lovely cigarette pants and boat neck top. The top is featured a few times in the magazine but looks best here where it is more fitted. I’m not sure I like the waistband of the trousers as it is a bit bulky but I like the length and cut.From the Festival of Colour section I love this jersey dress. Maxi dresses are all in fashion now and the like the elegant plunging neckline, also the fabric possibilities of this is pretty endless.  The electric blue flowy, full skirt is beautiful too though I don’t like the top it is paired with, but you could dress it up or down.This outfit from the Immaculate collection is made up of parts of patterns I have already posted. The top is the pink dress from the front cover and the skirt is from the halter neck dress. I really like them both and again there is loads of colours and patterns that could work well with them.Since I started this blog review I have noticed that I have loved a D.I.Y post in each magazine which I never used to. This months is the peter pan collar tute which is really cute and very current. I have seen lots of collar tutorials popping up on the net recently. I think whoever does this section must have had a change of editor or contributor as it has suddenly become so much more up to date and current. Before they tended to be imitations of high fashion I hated or more mumsy out of date accessories that most people wouldn’t wear. It was quite difficult to pick something I didn’t like this month as most things has redeeming features or were just a bit bland rather than being horrible. I have decided on this dress though, I don’t like the drape, it makes the model look completely shapeless so who knows what it would do to a real women, and the colour and shininess is pretty horrendous. When it is done in white cotton at the end of the magazine though, it looks a lot better so I think this is mainly the fabric choice. Posted by sorbetsurprise at 02:42

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Burda Style June 2011

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