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Cinemension: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot News

Cinemension: Brigitte Bardot

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Brigitte Bardot

Posted by Cosmoetica

Praise for Dan Schneider

His analysis is referenced in the PBS series

(p.26) on The Up Series. His
writing and criticism has been lauded in the mainstream and
alternative press, nationally and internationally, in the Far East
and the U.K, by diverse arts and film blogs and websites, as well
as by America’s most powerful critic, Roger Ebert of the Chicago
Sun-Times and several television film review
Roger Ebert praises Dan
Schneider’s Film Criticism and Website:
Ebert calls
Dan Schneider ‘
a considerable critic….” that Dan Schneider
(in regards to Ebert’s writings) ‘may well be correct in some
aspects. What his analysis gives me is a renewed respect and
curiosity about his own work….
‘; he states, ‘Dan Schneider
is observant, smart, and makes every effort to be fair
.’ He
states, ‘I conclude he is more analytical and less visceral that
I am
,’ Ebert ends his praise, stating, ‘What is remarkable
about these many words is that Schneider keeps an open mind,
approaches each film afresh, and doesn’t always repeat the same
judgments. An ideal critic tries to start over again with every
….helpful criticisms regarding his
fellow poets and reviewers. If you were looking for someone willing
to call T. S. Eliot ‘1 of the most grossly overrated writers in the
history of the world, & the English language,’ Schneider is
your man. His site includes similarly jolly commentary on a large
number of contemporary writers.-
The New York Times

Schneider is a fervent, naturally agitated character, and he
seems possessed of a boundless curiosity that stretches from the
most obscure backwaters of science and history to the dimmest and
most short-lived pop-culture comets .Schneider’s peculiar
temperament has more in common with unregenerate early punk rockers

Lou Reed

and John Lydon

.It’s surprising how many of
Schneider’s poems reveal a frequently poignant strain of
sentimentality and nostalgia, a continued fascination with the lost
pop culture of his childhood. He is also an obsessive sonneteer,
and can write tight, carefully crafted short poems that demonstrate
the emotional sensitivity that many of his admirers suspect he
doesn’t entirely trust.- , City
….for a clearly anti-establishment
take on the academic poetry scene, as well as fearless, brilliant
assessments of many poets, including the famous, with which you may
or may not agree (again, it’s informed debate that spurs our
progress)- try Dan Schneider’s –page 192 of On Writing Poetry, by Al Rocheleau, Shantih
Press, © 2010, published 2011…. the most visited, unaffiliated literary
website online. He Dan Schneider is a poet, critic, essayist and
fiction writer first profiled in City Pages in 1999. He is known
for his trenchant, outspoken views, peerless criticism, and
writerly excellence. Schneider is also known for championing
Neglected Poets, stands against bad writing, academia, Political
Correctness, and for his re-discovery of expatriate
African-American poet James A. Emanuel. Cosmoetica has served as
the launching pad for a number of other promising writers, and has
grown in popularity due to its popular essays….-

is also home to The Dan Schneider
….(b)elieve me, you won t find more
in-depth and high-minded discussions this side of a MENSA
jamboree….You ll especially love Dan Schneider if
you re tired of the same old crap that Hollywood has been
pumping out in recent years….This is one moviegoer who really
knows what he s talking about….In fact, you could say that
he s relentless when it comes to getting his point across. On
the other hand, every thought is backed up by sentence after
sentence of explanation, and those looking for an in-depth movie
review or film interview will have plenty to feast upon. And
he s even got the respect of Roger Ebert.

I think it is high time every lover of contemporary poetry reads
Dan Schneider s essays on Why? For
starters, he is goddamn refreshing in his unashamed way of putting
just about any critically-acclaimed or seriously up-and-coming poet
in his or her place by making us see just how overrated he believes
so many of them are….you may just be unable to help yourself but
want to agree with Schneider in any case. He is that fun to read,
as well as potentially edifying. – ‘Dan Schneider Connects The
, Quarterly Literary Review
(Dan Schneider) hates bullshit, he feels
passionately about his subject, and is not afraid to speak his
mind. He reads stuff in great detail, thinks about it hard, and is
totally undeterred by PC. All of these, in my book, are virtues.-
grumpier than me!

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Cinemension: Brigitte Bardot

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