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Glam up with hair accessories

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Glam up with hair accessories

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Filed in Accessories , Hair trends | Lopez (2011) Cher (1970s) Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong in fashion.

She is super stylish and even when she gets it wrong at times, she is still gorgeous! I just love how she wears her hair differently each time to complement her dressing. With the trends going back to the swinging 60 s and hippie 70 s, hair bands, floppy hats and head scarves are very hip right now. Jennifer Lopez certainly knows how to work it and make it look current.

If you have an oval face shape like Jennifer, you will look good in almost any hairstyles and accessories. If your face is oblong (longer than wider) like Cher, then pull the head scarf close to your brows to shorten your face length. Round faces and broad foreheads should avoid this style. The other hot trend is wide hairband. Jennifer s rounded forehead was highlighted by the round edge of the hairband. It would have been better if she had some fringe sweeping at one side of her face. If you have a square face shape, the roundness of the hairband would soften your straight angular shape which could be flattering. Again, this look is not recommended for those with rounder and heart face shapes.Wearing a sparkly hair clip (see Jennifer- bottom) would off set your round or wide forehead and draw the eyes upward diagonally, thus creating a slimming effect.


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Glam up with hair accessories



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