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Her Style Direction: BRIGITTE BARDOT

Brigitte Bardot News

Her Style Direction: BRIGITTE BARDOT

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Brigitte Bardot(french) has been a big inspiration for me
this week. She was orignally a ballet dancer then went into fashion
modelling(15yrs) and acting, 18years singing. She then
retired from it all at 39 (47 movies and 80 recorded songs and
quite a few musicals)and went into fighting for animal
rights. She’s probably one of the very few icomnic women of
her time that are still alive (born 1934). She has had a few
labels attached to her name but the most important to the
fashion industry (although there is a neckline named after
her)and the most important to me was her role in making it
okay to wear a bikini in public when it would have still been
considered showing too much skin. It was near the end of the 50’s
and the then style of the swimsuit was automatically evolving and
she was just there in the right place, at the right time, wearing
the right thing and sort of became the poster girl for ‘The

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Her Style Direction: BRIGITTE BARDOT

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