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Iconic Summer Beauties

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Iconic Summer Beauties

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After months of pining and wearing shorts prematurely, summer s finally here and we can step out in sandals with confidence.

So with seasonal bliss now made our reality, we ve chosen to tip our hats to four iconic summer beauties whose looks you can adopt on those sun-drenched afternoons. Bridgitte Bardot Forever embodying French cool, the 60s icon s sweeping locks, cat s eyes makeup and defined pout helped bring a vamped-up vibe to the summer aesthetic, proving that regardless of sunlight, heat or humidity, it s possible to embrace the ultra-feminine and to do it unapologetically. To get her look: Adopt thick eyeliner and the smoky eye and use a pink lip stain to maintain consistency without looking too done up. Then tease your hair at the crown, pin it halfway up and hairspray after you ve let a few strands fall. Bo Derek Not that we d recommend cornrows on any occasion, but by no means will we slam Bo Derek in 10. Evoking the Californian simplicity made classic for decades, the actress strong brows, natural complexion and beaded hair make running laps on the beach seem like a classy summer pastime. To get her look: If you re not ready for cornrows, braid sections of your hair and crimp the rest.

Then, use a highlighter under eyes and on the cheeks to create a glistening effect topped off by a touch of bronzer and blush. Keep lips simple with a sheer gloss, and use a neutral shade on the eye to make them pop on their own. Kate Hudson We re going to ignore Fool s Gold for the plot, but the rom-com with Matthew M helped cultivate Kate s reputation as a summertime beauty. Thus, whether as portraying the curly-haired Penny Lane, the treasure-hunting Tess or the daughter of Goldie Hawn, the actress effortless look has made her a west coast staple of the style circuit.

To get her look: Keeping hair natural, capitalize on volume by blow-drying, then running your fingers through the finished product with a shine serum. Pink cheeks, pink gloss and neutral eye shadow (think light burgundies and browns) will also help build on Kate s understated look, giving new meaning to freshed face . Audrey Hepburn If you re not one for the beach, you may be more Audrey in Roman Holiday , so to those of you not particularly inclined to lay on the sand and soak up the rays, Ms. Hepburn s classic sit at a caf © and sip some wine alternative helps prove that drama still belongs at summertime. To get her look : Pull hair up, fasten into a French twist, and spray into place. Then, re-create the stunning 60s smoky eye with sweeping eyeliner and black mascara, topping off with red lips and a little blush.


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Iconic Summer Beauties

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