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Lindsay Lohan: Sexy in Brigitte Bardot! | Latest Fashion Trends

Brigitte Bardot News

Lindsay Lohan: Sexy in Brigitte Bardot! | Latest Fashion Trends

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Lindsay Lohan: Sexy in Brigitte Bardot! It did not review it one day, especially since her assignment at home with electronic bracelet. But if, Lindsay Lohan is an actress! After his many antics and trouble with the law, Lindsay Lohan seemed condemned to purposefulness the pages of the tabloids. But thanks to the painter Richard Williams, a Lilo in full form and any sensuality to our eyes. Richard Williams is tried to video with plans of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini by a swimming pool in Malibu. This video is a tribute to Brigitte Bardot and his famous role in contempt of Jean-Luc Godard released in 1963. Presented as a genuine work of contemporary art, this video will be exhibited at the Biennale of contemporary art of Venice from June 4. It must be said that art videos are increasingly popular for collectors of modern art. Despite its obligation to remain at home, the young woman will be present in Italy early June to support this project paid tribute to the defendant of the animals. Richard Phillips explained have been seduced by the potential of Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay delivers an incredibly emotional and physical presence which carries an existential, vulnerability while exploiting the power of the transcendental, the moment of transition. Fashion Trends

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Lindsay Lohan: Sexy in Brigitte Bardot! | Latest Fashion Trends

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