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Sea Shepherd Defends the Tuna: Blue Rage 2011

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Sea Shepherd Defends the Tuna: Blue Rage 2011

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Following their huge success defending whales in Antarctica during Operation No Compromise , the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has begun their latest campaign. Now, Operation Blue Rage has taken the Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot to the coast of Libya to defend the endangered bluefin tuna. The Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot ready to stop the illegal tuna poachers Photo: Josh Trentner/Sea Shepherd You may be asking, “Why risk so much to defend tuna?” Well, here are some facts about the amazing bluefin tuna. Along with being one of the largest fish, bluefins are warm-blooded. They are an important part of the ocean ecosystem as one of the top predators, eating a wide variety of food sources and traveling long distances to feed. Bluefins usually live deep in the ocean, and can live to the age of 30 years old! For these reasons and more on why Sea Shepherd feels these fish need to be protected, check out this page: Why Defend Bluefins . You can also learn about the bluefin from National Geographic here: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna . In March 2011, government attending the Convention on Internation Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) decided not to ban trade of bluefins, despite severe threats to their population. On top of that, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has determined that the bluefin does not need protection under the endangered species list. Despite all of this, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) continues to allow outrageous catch quotas for the fishing industry. The high market value of bluefins is huge incentive to continue poaching, and continues to increase as their population declines. So, once again, Sea Shepherd steps up and does what the governments and regulation organizations will not do . This time, they enter into an area currently in a state of war. Despite the danger involved, the Sea Shepherd captains and crew will be there to stop the poachers and defend the defenseless. Although the ships have already entered in Libyan waters and begun their mission, you can still help protect the bluefins! Here’s what you can do: – Donate to the campaign ! – Follow Operation Blue Rage , and share the updates on your social media pages so that others can find out how to get involved! – Stop consuming tuna! Encourage others to decrease or eliminate their seafood consumption to help stop depletion of the oceans. Remember that along with the massive amounts of fish that die in these fishing operations, there are countless marine species that die as unwanted “bycatch.” – You can help Sea Shepherd in a more general way by taking action! Apply to become an Onshore Volunteer or a member of the crew ! Photo: Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd Any bluefin tuna seiner or holding cage found in Libyan waters will be intercepted, the nets will be cut open, and the fish will be released. This year it is zero tolerance towards these illegal poaching operations and any fish in any net we encounter in Libyan waters will be freed and released. – Captain Paul Watson


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Sea Shepherd Defends the Tuna: Blue Rage 2011

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