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Survey in the EU and new Moroccan partner

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Survey in the EU and new Moroccan partner

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MPC is currently conducting a survey that is initiated by MPC and AAP and funded by AAP. The survey is focused on monitoring the the illegal trade in Barbary macaques in the EU over the last 5 years. This will be the 3rd survey of its kind. It is important to keep track of any increase or decrease in the trade to measure the effects of our combined efforts and to keep informing and motivating the authorities in both Europe and Morocco. The Brigitte Bardot Foundaton in France, Depana in Spain and LAV in Italy are assisting us to gather as much data as possible. The final report will be available after the survey is completed. New Moroccan partner MPC is very pleased to announce that we have recently started a partnership SPANA (Society for the Protection of ANimals Abroad/ Societ © pour la Protection des Animaux et la Nature) in Morocco. For years SPANA has been working in Morocco on the protection of domestic animals in need and they have 10 professional shelters/ educational centers / veterinary facilities throughout Morocco where they help donkeys, mules, horses, cats, dogs and any animal that is in need of care ( They also manage the natural reserve Sidi Boughaba just north of Rabat. Also SPANA is doing outstanding work in the nature education of children in Morocco. MPC and SPANA are currently working on a plan with the Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et F ´rets to create a solution for confiscated macaques in Morocco. MPC could not wish for a better local partner. More on this soon. # posted by Elzie @ 8:03 AM

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Survey in the EU and new Moroccan partner


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