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the colors seem upset

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the colors seem upset

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Central News reported that the Air Force Combat Command girls were surnamed Xie Jian Shaan , and even become a sign of the 1970s, a cultural phenomenon and an international can not copy the classic fashion. 30 years later, the dress is fashion gurus to give a variety of languages, with the exception that remains unchanged is its deep feminine. it can be simple and generous, you can also luxury complex. One-piece dress, decorate Cinderella s dreams of all the world, has become the beauty of every woman growing memory. screen, the dress is The Seven Year Itch in the sexy Marilyn Monroe, is God created woman in the sensual Brigitte Bardot, is Breakfast at Tiffany in the noble Audrey Hepburn bright sunlight, they license to laugh, quietly sad. Film Breakfast at Tiffany, the opening, a taxi stopped in New York s famous Fifth Avenue, wearing an elegant black dress Audrey Hepburn out of the car, standing before the window of Tiffany jewelry, while Eating bread, while gazing at jewelry. She wore a little black dress that looks like the next half-century has been a timeless classic to mind lingering. Piece for the film and fashion industry are very historic little black Givenchy in December 6, 2006 Christie s auction house in London auction, and ultimately returned to the embrace of Givenchy. Chinese-style dress is the dress of expression, the best interpretation of the screen on the cheongsam is none other than those of non-Maggie and her unique temperament will be In the Mood for Love in the soft and slightly melancholy temperament of the young woman performed the image head. Dim dim lights, swaying waist high heels on, coupled with the unique Pleated dress shadow, with these, even if less than half Wong Kar Wai revisit the lines I am afraid that is not a problem. If you want your five years younger coach handbags , then pink is the absolute priority. Legally Blonde, the Elle Woods tells us that a girl wearing a pink skirt is not only more beautiful and extraordinary wisdom and sense of humor. Season, LV, Valentino, JohnGalliano are different shades of pink color to the women express their ideas. LV girl from the countryside, very calm and full of intimacy coach outlet , Valentino will be exclusive of the pink princess to the most noble form of it, John Galliano continues to play a downright genius in his skill, pink silk dress added a graffiti ink greatly weakened, while soft degrees, a U.S. ice are dangerous. Madeleine Vionnet, the great master of the Paris fashion clothing like the ancient Greek style. She designed the twenties and thirties of last century are made of elegant satin and crepe dress, even today is still so stylish and moving. Today, T stage, JustCavalli her pious successor, loose design, ignore the waist curve, but did not forget to highlight the chest line. Thin as onion skin of chiffon, shiny dazzling satin fabric means that these very women were not hesitate to make extensive use of deliberately creating such a mysterious figure who trained as taste. fifties and sixties of last century, A-shaped skirt has always been the source of inspiration for designers, A-shaped cut dress pay attention to changes at the waist coach bags outlet , can magically become a female curves immature girls §Â›Â¸ ¥Â…³ §ÂšÂ„ ¤Â¸Â» ©Â ˜ –‡ §Â«Â ¯Â¼Âš

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the colors seem upset

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