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World, what you got for me? Just bring it on, I’m ready for it!

Brigitte Bardot News

World, what you got for me? Just bring it on, I’m ready for it!

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These days I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s new album. There are songs that I really like and I think this album is definitely more sophisticated that The Fame, and actually creatively different from The Fame Monster but still quintessentially Gaga. But no matter how catchy her songs, or Ayumi’s high-pitched dramatic numbers, or Girls’ Generation repetitive hooks are, it’s sometimes too noisy for the early morning commute. I get flustered, I get stressed, I get so pek chek , especially squeezing in the crowded buses. So a song list I like to choose to de-stress before going to work, or after a long day’s work is the happifying, low-stress one, which I named “Tralala”. You don’t need to increase the volume, they just sorta play on in the background. Heuristically, I noticed I’m less pissed when people knock into me when I’m listening to this playlist. HAHA. And I’m calmer and more composed. Mainly the list consist of songs that put me in a whimsical smiley mood. =) here’s me sharing them with you! 01. Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee / Jazz version Ace Attorney Soundtrack This song I got introduced by http://www.rainymood.com/ . you play it alongside rainymood and it’s quite divine an atmosphere to work in, for me. Below are some of the rest in no particular order~ 03. Moi Je Joue / Brigitte Bardot 10. Empire State of Mind / Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

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World, what you got for me? Just bring it on, I’m ready for it!

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