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French Heart: Brigitte Bardot and Club 55 Saint-Tropez

Brigitte Bardot Article

French Heart: Brigitte Bardot and Club 55 Saint-Tropez

Brigitte Bardot and Club 55 Saint-Tropez

Brigitte Bardot and Club 55 Saint-Tropez. De trop means over-the-top in French.
Which makes me think the apt abbreviation ‘Saint Trop’ for the ritzy Cote d Azur seaport might have originated from bemused gods. For during high season from May through October ”and especially in July and August around 60,000 visitors invade the ancient fishing village of Saint-Tropez daily–to seemingly meld into a Chagall painting.

Tattooed teens with spiked green hair, Palm Beach matrons with little white dogs dressed up in pink, and Russian billionaires driving their mega-yachts–cocktails in hand like Thurston Howell.

Those juxtaposed scenes reawaken a sense of wonder. With all the vivid contrasts–serenity is restored to the sleepy arts community after the annual Les Voiles Regatta festivities.

Over 300 sailing yachts converge from around the globe to participate then vanish at the end of the first week of October. Among Saint-Tropez must do for those visitors is ”where Cindy Crawford or Leonardo DiCaprio might be sipping espresso at the next table.
Hitting the colorful Farmers Market in the Square on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Strolling the old Port illuminated by the slanting gold, pink and tangerine rays of sunset.

And enjoying a meal at Club 55 ”or Cinquante-Cinq ”the most famous beach club in the world.
Club owner, Patrice de Colmont was a child when his parents purchased a fisherman’s house on the white sand crescent beach of Pampelonne six miles from town. They d offer hospitality to passing tourists they deemed simpatico.

Then in 1955, like Brigitte Bardot and then husband-director Roger Vadim filmed ˜And God Created Woman on the Beach ”Patrice s mother was asked if she could prepare meals for the crew. After the project wrapped~Club, 55 was born.

With its incomparable scenic setting–the club that Brigitte Bardot said was her favorite remains as timeless and popular as ever.

The restaurant is in a laid-back Provencal chic bungalow within a forest of bamboo–shaded by white canopies floating above the terra-cotta-tiled terrace. Star-studded helicopters, yachts, and Ferraris might deposit guests like Oprah, George Clooney, P Diddy, Jerry Hall and Claudia Schiffer at the door or pier but children and dogs scamper beneath the trees, the food is fresh, simple and delicious, the atmosphere is friendly, and everyone is treated alike.

Just remember that if a Chagall-ish violin-playing unicorn shows up ”it’s all Haute Nirvana

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