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The Brigitte Bardot …BB Bag from Lancel sold out

Brigitte Bardot Article

The Brigitte Bardot …BB Bag from Lancel sold out

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Pages MEET THE UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON UAE AMBASSADORS Thursday, June 16, 2011 The Brigitte Bardot Collection from Lancel ; Meet Leonello Borghi, who the Artistic Director for La Maison LANCEL , Paris. Leonello Borghi, in for the launch of the 4-month old Brigitte Bardot Bag or the so-called “BB Bag” and UAE clients took it by storm.

The first shipment were entirely sold out and the showcased collection was now on its 2nd shipment. His breakthrough came in 1999 when he was tapped by Dawn Mello and Richard Lambertson to collaborate with Giorgio Armani on his inaugural accessories collection, Borghi benefited from the master s tireless dedication, precise vision, global business view and strict dedication to the finest materials. I have to fall in love with the material first, the design always comes next.

If you allow the material to dictate, you wont get in trouble . Models with the “BB BagThe Brigette Bardot Collection No, he’s not from the Lancel team and absolutely not from Paris. He is based here and known as one of the dou’s from Paz Marketing, Joe Akkawi, who was there with his fabulous sister, Zeina Akkawi at the newly launched concept store of Lancel, Dubai Mall.

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Tinayums…What s keeping you busy?: The Brigitte Bardot …

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