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Brigitte Bardot promises 10 tons of fodder

Brigitte Bardot Animal Right

Brigitte Bardot promises 10 tons of fodder

Princess Stephanie has happily welcomed the two elephants to Monaco. Baby and Nepal’s new home is at the Grimaldi family ranch in Roc Agel, in the highlands of Monaco.

Baby and Nepal have been at the centre of an animal rights campaign over the past months. Baby and Nepal arrived in the Principality late yesterday after travelling more than 500km from the Tête d’Or Park zoo in Lyon. They were rescued from a precautionary death sentence.

The 40-year-old pachyderms of the Tête d’Or Park Zoo narrowly escaped a death sentence when the State council suspended an execution order in late February.

More than 11,000 people signed a petition urging for the animals to be saved.The two elephants are now entitled to a life of royal delights in their new home.They are to live in a 3,500sqm enclosure with a wood shelter and a pool.

Not bad

They will live in a place where there will be no risk to the public

Both elephants suspected TB must leave Thursday afternoon the Zoo Lyon

In Saint-Tropez.( on the side of Madrague)

“The priority is to be left in peace to them and that keeps the lug!” Said Brigitte Bardot during a meeting with officials of its Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

Christophe Marie, involved with Baby and Nepal from the beginning, looking forward to see that the movement allow the elephants to benefit from a larger fleet.

Now they get space with rest areas and even sea view! Also possibilities to carry out future tests and analyzes to determine precisely health status of elephants.

Christophe Marie says,

“If tuberculosis test proved positive alas, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation presented a treatment protocol. This is not because an animal is sick it takes to finish. Moreover Baby and Nepal will not be exposed isolated from the public and other animals, so do not pose a risk of contagion.

Brigitte Bardot, through its foundation, has promised the delivery of 10 tons of forage in the fall to conclude this happy ending.

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