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Brigitte Bardot: You must stop the mass slaughter of wolves in Sweden

Brigitte Bardot Article

Brigitte Bardot: You must stop the mass slaughter of wolves in Sweden

Open letter to Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren (C)
Wolf hunting Minister, I pray you, pardon these poor creatures and stop the hunting of wolves. Let this already fragile population consolidate itself. Co-existence between man and wolf is possible, and it is a burdens are put, as you must respond to a member of the European Union, writes the artist and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot in an open letter to Sweden’s environment minister.


Dear Minister,

My foundation has heard of your decision to resume hunting of wolves for the second time this half-century.

We remind you that under the Directive Habitat “is the preservation, protection and improvement show recovery of environmental quality, and include the conservation of natural habitats, both of flora and wildlife, which is a vital public interest objectives pursued by the European Community. ”

For these purposes should be “Member States shall take the necessary steps to establish a strict system of protection for the species included in Table 4, paragraph a) (including wolves), in their natural range, prohibiting all forms of deliberate capture or kill these species’ ( Article 12, concerning the protection of species).

You can then accept the agreements signed within the framework of the European Union.This crime was condemned by the European Commission and goes against the notion that Sweden could again become a country aware of the conservation of biological diversity.

You mention the conflict between humans and wolves, it can be solved in other ways than using guns to protect livestock and the use of dogs specialize in protecting livestock.

Let me tell you that your policy of massive slaughter of wolves will not ease the feeling of rejection that people feel towards this animal that is irreplaceable in the handling of the ecosystem as a predator.

How can we in our time to act in a manner so backward in the case of a country like Sweden?

Mr. Minister, I pray you, pardon these poor creatures and stop the hunt and let this already fragile population consolidate itself. Coexistence is possible if you give the funds, and the burdens are put is that you must respond to a member of the European Union.

I’m counting on you to contribute to the conservation of wolves in your country and find a responsible profile of the environment.

I ask you to accept, Mr. Minister, my sincere greetings.

Brigitte Bardot, artist, actress and animal rights activist


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cornelia

    June 15, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Cool! That’s a celevr way of looking at it!

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