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Brigitte Bardot Biography Video

Brigitte Bardot Bio Article

Brigitte Bardot Biography Video

Brigitte Bardot – “Brigitte Bardot Biography Video”

Brigitte Bardot Biography Video

Brigitte Bardot biography video. Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris France 1934, daughter to Anne-Marie ‘Toty’ Mucel (1912–1978) and Louis ‘Pilou’ Bardot (1896–1975).
Brigitte Bardot was one of the few European actresses to have the mass media’s attention in the United States.  Brigitte Bardot’s explosive sexuality took the US by storm and the effect she had on millions of American men who hadn’t seen a woman like her in a long, long time–if ever.  The Claim that Bardot did more for the French international trade balance than the entire French car industry.
Just before she turned 40 (1973), she retired from movies after filming. She prefers life outside of stardom. While it enabled her to become internationally famous, it also carried with it annoyances.
Brigitte went on to become a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started the “Foundation Brigitte Bardot” dedicated solely to that cause.

“I don’t feel old or used up,” she says, “and I don’t have time to waste thinking about aging, because I live only for my cause.

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