Brigitte Bardot's elephants to retire to Monaco

Posted on Apr 9 2013 - 12:17pm by Jessica

Like Brigitte Bardot, Princess Stephanie wrote to President François Hollande pleading for further tests and recommending experts to conduct them. She also condemned the zoo's "quick reaction" on the basis of a vet that "had never even dealt with elephants before".

"All elephants are more or less carriers of this form of tuberculosis, one which is not contagious to humans," claimed the princess.

Jean-Francois Carenco, prefect of the Rhone region said the animals will move in the next two to three months.

Baby and Nepal will move to the Grimaldi family's property Roc Agel in the Alpes Maritimes, the French department that neighbours Italy in the southeast.

Animal rights activists have maintained there is no certainty that they were definitely infected by TB and new tests have been ordered.

Film legend Bardot threatens to quit France for Russia if elephants killed
French movie icon Brigitte Bardot has praised President Putin for doing more to protect animals than all French presidents put together.

THE story of two elephants, Baby and Nepal, who were set to be put down due to them suffering from tuberculosis looks set to have a happy ending!


Bardot Threatens Exile Over Elephants

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