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Brigitte Bardot to save the dog Jules

Photo DM / Nice Matin

Brigitte Bardot Animal Right

Brigitte Bardot to save the dog Jules

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is trying to keep a dog sentenced to death after a child accidentally being bitten, July 19, 2013, in camping Ramatuelle.

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The Brigitte Bardot Foundation met with the father and grandfather of the child appear to be relatively comprehensive, but nothing happens.
The mother wants the animal to be killed, and she strongly opposes this it is given to the FBB or other shelters (she made a deal in principle, the dog bit his son, he must die). Jules was observed Tuesday, July 23, by a veterinary behaviorist.
Jules will be under veterinary supervision for 15 days. A first victory for the owner of the animal is already back to Belgium.
The Brigitte Bardot Foundation still offers support Jules during the prescribed period or to support its investment in another approved organization. Calling BB seems to have been heard ( should however, be careful and do not declare victory too soon) and enjoyed the stay Jules could save his life!
Suorce ( in French )

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  1. Simona from Bucharest

    September 6, 2013 at 9:34 am

    4-years child killed by stray dogs in a Bucharest park.

    Yes, it is true, it happened two days ago and the Romanian society hopes that after 23 years finally the politicians will pass a law allowing the stray dogs euthanasia.

    And here it comes Mme. Bardot, very angry about us, that we want to kill the dogs. Plus, she says that the child died because it wasn’t cared for by medical staff. The child had hundreds of bites on his body. How can you help a dead body?

    When she will ever stop?

    These are stray dogs, which are a danger to everybody.
    On my street, and I live in the very city center of Bucharest, I have 4 stray dogs.

    When Mme. Bardot will have permanent stray dogs on her street, then we’ll talk about it.

    Please, Mme. Bardot, come to Bucharest and take all stray dogs to your home, since you love them so much!

    Angry Simona

  2. Jessica

    September 7, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Simona,

    Thank you for posting.
    Simona, I understand your feelings about this terrible accident and your situation.
    Nobody should have to be afraid.
    // Take care

  3. Etosha Rescue & Adoption Center

    March 20, 2016 at 3:04 am

    How does a non-profit animal rescue organization contact the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to request a grant? I couldn’t find any mention of it on all the foundation’s web addresses. Does the foundation still support animal rescues? Please let me know, and thanks for your time.


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