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Mexico is wild 2012 – brigitte Bardot

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Mexico is wild 2012 – brigitte Bardot

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Mexico is wild 2012.

“The bikini was invented by Louis Reard and Jacques Heim, in Paris in 1946. However, due to its skimpiness, hardly anyone had the courage to wear a bikini until the late 1950s, when actress Brigitte Bardot created a splash by wearing a bikini in the film, ‘And God Created Woman.’ The bikini revolution.”

‘knowledge assists in everything’ cool magic 21st century. the wheel has been invented.

have to wonder about populated cultures that have existed for centuries and how they perfected intimacy. the indian kamasutra is the world’s most known sex book in history over 2400 years old, written in 4th century with manuscripts from 4th century BC by indian scientist named ppl waz there. “64 ways in 36 chapters, 1250 verses, 40 ways to kiss”. this is ancient posting. you’re missing a few.

“Things weren’t great, but then came along the Kama Sutra; a quite epic tome of sex positions scribed by some Indian chap.” chap=scientist of erogenous. the perfumed garden arab book. “the magic of erogenous zones” etc. indian encountered in bohemian burbs 17. “sanskrit, kama desire and sutra rules. in the context of the book “desire” includes singing, reading, poetry and dancing as well as sex.” warning: kama is also the hindu god of love.

do not attempt with ppl that don’t like you, they are building intimacy books, love or pleasure.

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like herbie.

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